We proudly present our comprehensive, signature program:
A Roadmap To Your Best Baby
A revolutionary online roadmap designed to get your body, mind and environment in tip-top shape to conceive naturally and easefully


If you are planning to get pregnant in the next year, PRE-CONCEIVED is your secret sauce. 

Developed by a physician and a nutritionist, PRE-CONCEIVED is a comprehensive roadmap based on cutting-edge scientific research and ancient wisdom that teaches you how to hack your health today to enhance your fertility and optimize your baby's health. You’ll get an actionable, step-by-step guide to upgrade your body, mind and environment to fast-track your fertility and set the stage for a happy, healthy baby.

We have so much more control over the pregnancy process than we’ve been led to believe by the media, our well-meaning friends, and even many doctors. We want to show you how to enhance your fertility for a faster and easier conception.

PRE-CONCEIVED provides a roadmap to:  

  • Increase the quality of your specific pool of eggs which will eventually ovulate during baby-making time. (As well as the quality of your partner’s sperm- he’s half of the equation and we’re not leaving him out of the plan)

  • Work with your health practitioner to run specific, preliminary testing to identify any potential underlying health issues that may interfere with you or your partner’s fertility

  • Restore regular menstrual cycles, including coordinating with your doctor to wean off of hormonal birth control and any other medications that may be an impediment to pregnancy

  • Boost your nutrition stores, which will be used as the building blocks for every cell of your future baby’s body

  • Detoxify from the exposures in your daily environment  

  • Manage (not eliminate) stress in a realistic and health-supportive way

  • Cultivate a baby-making mindset  

PRE-CONCEIVED follows a scientifically-backed method that seamlessly blends modern-day Western medicine with centuries-old ancestral lifestyle practices.

Which means everything inside is based on strategies that our ancestors used–and perfected–over thousands of years PLUS the latest, greatest cutting-edge research on epigenetics, egg health, the microbiome and so much more. 

No more trying to cobble together all of the available resources out there from books and blogs, and grasping at straws to figure out what is scientifically sound. 

PRE-CONCEIVED is your comprehensive, pre-pregnancy guide that synthesizes all of the research and tools into a one-stop-shop to help you get pregnant joyfully and easefully. 

Now, of course we can't make any guarantees that you'll get pregnant or that you or your baby will have a specific health outcome, but pregnancy preparation through PRE-CONCEIVED can be the most powerful insurance policy a couple gives themselves when it comes to having an optimally healthy and happy child. 


1. Orientation: Xandara Philosophy & Approach
  • Xandara’s unique philosophy and holistic framework for approaching pregnancy preparation

  • WTF is going on with our health – including rising rates of chronic disease in both adults and children – and how this plays out in preparing for a baby  

  • Why there’s a mismatch between our genes and our environment (This also explains why your grandma and your grandma’s grandma didn’t struggle with fertility in the same way we do today)  

2. The Solution: Prepare Your Body

  • How to upgrade your diet based on ancient wisdom and modern science  

  • How movement (or lack thereof) affects pregnancy preparation, and what you can do about it

3. The Solution: Prepare Your Environment 
  • Why detoxification is even a "thing" when it comes to pregnancy preparation​

  • How to decrease your toxic load prior to pregnancy and improve your body's ability to detox all the chemicals it comes in contact with day in and day out

  • Why your "social environment" (read: support system) plays a role in baby-making and how to build a solid tribe before your baby arrives

4. The Solution: Prepare Your Mind

  • All about stress, including how stress affects health, how stress affects fertility and how stress affects your baby - and what to do about it

  • How to cultivate a 'fertile mind' and create space in your life for a baby

5. The Solution: Prepare Your Man 
  • It takes two to make a baby. Learn what your man should be doing to increase his production of high quality, super sperm

  • The details on conception sex and how to keep things from getting clinical in the bedroom while you're trying to conceive

(Note: For those of you who do not currently have a male partner or are in a same-sex relationship, this information may still apply if you are working with a known sperm donor to conceive. Please feel free to skip this material if it is not relevant for your particular situation)

6. Next Steps and Bringing It All Together

  • When 'unexplained infertility' may be explainable (learn all of the often overlooked reasons why women may have difficulty conceiving, and how to test and troubleshoot ahead of time)

  • How to pull it all together and come ups with a roadmap for you and your partner 


As part of our mission, 1% of profits from the PRE-CONCEIVED program will be donated to two incredible charities: Every Mother Counts and The Environmental Working Group. Thank you for your part in allowing us to make this commitment to support organizations dedicated to the well-being of women and their families.


"As a woman beginning her journey planning a pregnancy, Xandara was an amazing discovery!  

I did not know such tools were available to me, especially in one place. Xandara encompasses all areas - mind, body, and soul. The program left me feeling a newfound connection to my body and empowered me to begin the journey into a new phase of my life.  

I learned invaluable information on how to naturally prepare my body for conception. The modules are informative, and manageable to incorporate into my hectic daily routine. I looked forward to finding time at lunch, or coming home in the evening to learning more about my period, pregnancy, and fertility.  

Not only did I learn a wealth of information from Dr. Rahal and Alexandria - they gave me steps to take on my own to incorporate their teachings into my daily life. I was able to quickly incorporate their supplement, diet, and lifestyle changes. This program was a breath of fresh air after hearing so many talk about fertility with such a negative tone."


"Xandara ​wa​s able to distill down a wealth of information in a way that ​wa​s easily digestible and actionable for me​.  

​There was so much I didn't know and I now feel confident that I can make the right choices for myself and my family.  

The expertise and guidance I got from Xandara was enormous. To get this level of knowledge elsewhere I'd have to spend a lot more time and money going to separate nutritionists and healthcare providers.  

Going through the Xandara program feels like you are having tea with a very knowledgeable girlfriend, Alexandria and Dr. Rahal are immensely well-versed in their subject matter but also motivating and comforting all along the way." 


"Best birthday present ever! 

For my 37th birthday I offered myself the gift of a healthier life, a detoxified body and a peaceful mind, nothing less! 

At the time I enrolled in the program I was struggling with infertility, crushed by a missed miscarriage at my first pregnancy, so eager to start a family with the man of my life! We met late in life, too busy building financial stability and successful careers, so when we decided to have a baby together we thought we would succeed just like everything we could achieve so far! We were wrong. Thanks to the program, I learned so much about the power of thoughts on fertility, how stress impacts our baby-making abilities, and so much more... 

A few months later, I'm glad to announce that my man and I are bébé-ready, more confident than ever to welcome our rainbow baby soon!" 


"I have been enjoying the course intensively; 

the material speaks to me in a way that I can understand and apply right away, and it gives me the feeling that an expert has my back when it comes to preparing my mind, environment and body for my baby to come. 

I would really recommend this course to any woman who wants to have a happy and healthy pregnancy."


You can take control of your conception process. 

You can enhance your fertility. 

You can do better than chance.  



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