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The Ultimate Pregnancy Preparation Course Bundle

The Ultimate Pregnancy Preparation Course Bundle


You've got questions, we've got content, guides, and expert advice on all things pregnancy preparation. We created this course bundle because less than 10% of women are optimally prepared for conception and many women have been asking for what they can do to change that.

  • Bite-sized, evidence-backed and expert-reviewed content that you won't get anywhere else
  • Understand how your lifestyle, habits, and products influence conception, pregnancy and the health of your future children
  • Explore how you can increase your chances of conception and what it takes to prime your body well to get pregnant 

What's Included

Each individual course is normally $29 each.

Xandara VS Others

Here’s how Xandara compares to other options

  Do-it-yourself Fertility clinics
Accessible anytime
Customized fertility lifestyle plans
Chat with fertility experts
Curated fertility bundles
Evidence-based fertility content
Fertility-friendly product recommendations
Investment $$ $ $$$$$


Xandara is professionally built for any type of conception experience

Evidence-backed and fertility-friendly

Works for natural and assisted conception

Designed and curated by fertility experts