The plight of the modern parent

As a society, we put a lot of expectations on parents. You’re just kind of expected to know what to do...and to do it all...all of the time.

This is an entertaining video that demonstrates the different approaches between a 1980’s mom and a 2019 mom. Can you relate?

Over time, expectations have expanded and increased. And, as this video shows, many of these expectations have become quite over-the-top. Yet, these are the standards by which many women measure themselves.

Here’s the challenge: while parental expectations have risen, parental support has simultaneously declined. With the shift to a nuclear family, couples are often left to navigate everything on their own. What used to take a village now falls on two people (or even one person in many cases).

That village used to provide two forms of critical support:

  1. Assistance: Extra, hands-on help with child-rearing

  2. Guidance: Best practices passed on from generation to generation

Because of this, many parents are walking around stressed and stretched. Without a guidebook. Without a support system.

But, that’s not really sustainable. And, it’s not really working that well - in terms of our mental and physical health and the health of our children.

The thing is: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Despite popular rhetoric, it’s hard to excel at something that you’ve never been taught to some way, shape or form.

Would you expect to outperform in your career without someone showing you the ropes? Or at least the rules of the game?

Of course, there’s always going to be an “on-the-job” learning component, but that’s usually in addition to some job-specific training or mentoring.

Mediocre performance may not require it, but high performance certainly does. It’s why every professional athlete has a coach.

We think that the same approach applies to getting pregnant, being pregnant and parenting a child: targeted guidance and support sets you up to get better, further and faster.

While we haven’t quite figured out how to assist with child-rearing (yet), we can help with guidance and support along the way.

Let us help guide you on your parenting journey! We have started with pre-conception, but we aren’t planning to stop there. We want to support you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself - as an individual and as a parent.