Mantra of the Modern Woman

Nicole Daedone, author of Slow Sex, describes what she refers to as the Western Woman’s Mantra: “I eat too much, I work too much, I give too much, and yet there is still this hunger that I cannot feed.”

Ain’t it so?

The plight of the modern woman:

We overindulge ourselves...

We overcommit ourselves…

We overexert ourselves…

We over-do-it in almost every facet of our lives...and yet we are still left empty.

The solution isn’t to do more. I hope that part is obvious!

We are empty because we are chasing the wrong things. We are chasing the “means to an end” rather than the end itself.

If I find a man, I will be happy.

If I get promoted, I will be fulfilled.

If I lose weight, I will feel great.

Why not just choose to be happy or fulfilled or great starting today? No “means” necessary.

Often, we are trying to prove ourselves…to ourselves. The epidemic of “I’m not enough” is staggering...and it’s crippling us.

We need to stop doing...and we need to start being.

Being joyous. Being inspired. Being magnetic.

Doing is a means to an end. Being is the end.

You are enough just as you are. Today. Right now. You don’t have to do another single freaking thing to be valued, appreciated, respected, revered and adored.

Get off of the hamster wheel and choose a different reality. It’s only a decision away.