The Law of Attraction and Babies

What does the Law of Attraction (LOA) have to do with babies?

Well, in reality, the LOA is relevant for anything that you are trying to manifest - whether that’s a love relationship, a first class flight, a dream job...or, you guessed it, a baby.

In basic terms, the Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind to translate thoughts into physical reality. Essentially, it boils down to our ability to turn our “thoughts into things” or to translate our desires into reality.

One of my mentors explained to me that there are 3 basic guidelines for leveraging the LOA:

1. Ask for what you want First, you need to make your desires known. Be specific and let the Universe know what exactly you’re looking for.

2. Trust

Next, trust that your ask will be fulfilled. Don’t worry yourself with “how” it will be delivered; instead, focus on knowing deep down that it will be delivered.

3. Be open to receiving

Finally, put yourself into a “receiving” state. You can’t accept something with closed arms. So, prepare yourself to receive.

For most of you reading this post, I’m going to guess that you already have #1 covered. If you’re here, you’re probably pretty clear that you want a baby. Where you may be getting tripped up is on step 2 or 3.

On trust: If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and haven’t been able to yet, you may be sending your body mixed messages. Do you really trust that your body is capable of conceiving? Do you really believe that you can carry a baby to term? Do you trust that you are healthy enough to have a beautiful baby? And I don’t mean trust it in your head - I mean trust it deep down in your bones. If not, you may need to work on cultivating more trust.

On receiving: If you’ve been operating in your masculine for quite some time, you may not remember what it’s like to receive. Or, you may have some resistance to receiving. Am I really ready to have a baby right now? Does my partner really want this baby? Are we financially stable enough to make this work? If you have subconscious concerns about baby-making, they may prevent you from being open to receiving the gift of a pregnancy. Get rid of anything that may be blocking your baby from coming into your life.

In addition, a big part of LOA is focusing on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. So, if you are concerned about your ability to conceive and have been thinking about that nonstop, you are reinforcing the message of not being able to conceive. Let me say that again: the more you think about something, you more you reinforce that message in your brain. So, instead of focusing on your concern over not getting pregnant, you should be focusing on how amazing it’s going to be once you are pregnant. What will you look like? Act like? Focus on what you want; be specific; positive messages only.

If this all seems a little woo-woo to you, I get it. I felt that way for awhile myself...until I observed individuals who believed wholeheartedly in the power of LOA and saw what they were able to manifest into their lives. Whatever they were doing was working. It was hard to deny.

Let me be clear, though: the Law of Attraction isn’t just about wishing and wanting. It’s about getting your mind right and in alignment with your true desires. Then, there’s the whole action part (which I won’t cover in this post). It is the first step to manifesting anything...but not the only step.

When it comes to baby-making, you want to use as many tools in your toolkit as possible. LOA is one more tool...and a powerful one at that.

As with anything here at Xandara, try it on for size. See what you think. Keep it if it works for you; leave it if it doesn’t. You are in charge.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction and want to learn more, you can check out Ask and It Is Given, The Power of Intention or The Secret.