Health Is Easier To Maintain Than Regain

Let’s just be honest: health is far easier to maintain than it is to regain once you’ve depleted it.

The same is also true of weight. It’s far easier to maintain your weight than it is change your weight.

Making incremental changes is almost always easier than making large, sweeping changes.

Rather than kicking the can down the road…

Rather than thinking that one more (fill in the blank vice) doesn’t matter…

Rather than deferring and deflecting...

Think again.

The further off course you get, the harder it will be to recover.

Of course, it’s possible. Our bodies are incredibly resilient. But, why do that to yourself?

Make the decision to prioritize your health and wellness today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not in the new year. Today.

And then, start making small, consistent moves to reflect that decision.

The decision is the hard part. The rest is just showing up and following through.

Choose your health today...for a better today...and a better tomorrow.