The Ever Elusive "Balance"

We are all striving for balance. Balancing home and work. Balancing sleep and social life. Balancing nutrition and nourishment. Life is a series of delicate balancing acts.

And, when it comes to fertility, balance is essential.

You need balanced hormones…

To menstruate.

To ovulate.

To conceive.

To carry a pregnancy to term.

To breastfeed.

Balanced hormones are where it’s at.

But...most modern day women live in a very imbalanced state.

There is more doing and less relaxing.

There is more masculine energy and less feminine energy.

There is more estrogen and less progesterone.

There is more “toxing” and less detoxing.

Our hormones reflect our life. If our life is out of balance, our hormones will follow suit.

So, if you want to balance your hormones, start by finding balance in your life.

Too much of any one thing, even a seemingly good thing, will throw things off. Spending all day at the beach for weeks on end will eventually get boring. Eating your favorite cake everyday for dinner will eventually lose its allure. Your all-time favorite song on repeat will eventually get old.

Balance work with play. Balance social time with alone time. Balance doing with being. Balance thinking with feeling. Balance logic with spirituality.

Seek balance. Restore balance. And then do it over again. Because we never really achieve balance. Like a gymnast on a balance beam or a tightrope walker on a wire, we are constantly making micro-adjustments to keep moving in a straight line.

Do your best. That’s all you’ve got.