Fertilize Yo-Self for Fertility

Fertilizer, in the most basic sense of the word, is used to enhance the growth and development of plants. Fertilizers enhance growth in two main ways:

  1. By supplying one or more essential nutrients to the growth of plants

  2. By modifying certain soil properties (e.g., water retention, aeration) to enhance its effectiveness as a growth medium

I know I’m going out on a limb here...but I would like to use this analogy to think about how you can similarly fertilize yourself for pregnancy.

First, you will supply essential nutrients for your baby’s growth. You do this mainly through your diet. What you eat is literally the foundation for your baby’s body. In order to supply the essential nutrients or building blocks that your baby needs, you will want to eat a highly nutrient dense and balanced diet. Lots of variety, lots of color, lots of nutrients. This is about feeding your body.

Next, you want to enhance your effectiveness as a growth medium. Say what? Basically, you want to make your body the most welcoming environment it can possibly be to a growing baby. This is about feeding your soul.

A fertile mind. A fertile heart. A fertile womb. These are the necessary ingredients to welcoming a baby into this world.

So, what creates a fertile mind, heart and womb? It’s different for everyone but, here are a few ideas to get you started:

A fertile mind

  • Self-love and self-confidence

  • Faith and spirituality (e.g., connection with God, the Universe or whatever it is that you believe in)

A fertile heart

  • Connection with others (e.g., loving, fulfilling relationships)

  • Being of service to others (e.g., a passion-led business, volunteer work)

A fertile womb

  • Being in nature (e.g., park, forest, beach)

  • Inspired movement (e.g., dance)

  • Creative pursuits (e.g., art)

These things may seem unrelated to pregnancy...but they are the essence of fertility. They are “soul food”. They increase your receptivity. They increase your flow. They increase your creative capacity. All of these things will enhance your ability to receive, create and birth a beautiful baby.

And so, it’s important to recognize that fertility isn’t just about what you feed your body; it’s also about what you feed your soul.

So, how can you make your mind, heart and womb more open, more receptive and more hospitable to a baby starting today? How can you “fertilize yourself” to increase your fertility?