All Yang All The Time

Yin and yang are opposite and yet complementary energies. You can’t have one without the other. They are distinct but highly interdependent. Everything contains both yin and yang energies, but in different proportions.

Yin tends to be soft, feminine, receptive, slow, sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, creative, relaxed.

Yang tends to be hard, masculine, active, restless, productive, dominant, rational, direct, logical.

As a society, the pendulum has swung quite far to the yang side of the equation. Focusing, doing, achieving. Work hard, harder, hardest. Do more, be more, have more. Goals, goals and more goals. It’s the constant pursuit of something.

We are all yang all the time.

And, as women, this can be particularly detrimental.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing goals and achievement. There is nothing inherently wrong with plans and structure. But when there is no counterbalance, things get out of whack.

Pregnancy, like everything else, is a mixture of yin and yang energies; however, yin predominates during this period of your life (up until birth). It’s a time of receptivity. It’s a time of softness. It’s a time of rest.

As I’ve mentioned before, femininity and fertility are closely intertwined. The same is true of yin and fertility.

Rather than trying to logic our way into baby-making…

Rather than trying to push our way into baby-making…

Rather than trying to achieve our way into baby-making…

Maybe we soften into it instead? Maybe we let go of the intensity? Maybe we slow things down?

It may sound counterintuitive, but we know that the more we cling to something, the more it slips away.

If you are planning to conceive soon and you happen to find yourself on the yang end of the continuum, we invite you to come on over to the dark side (yes, darkness is also yin in nature). Make yourself comfortable, stay awhile. Things are just about to get really good.