The Legacy You Leave Your Children

People choose to have children for many reasons - to embody love for one another, to participate in one of life’s great adventures, to infuse life with more meaning. And, one of the most powerful and far-reaching reasons for having children is also legacy.

Legacy is something handed down from one generation to the next. And, for many people, it’s a way for them to “live on” through their offspring.

So, what type of legacy do you want to leave your children?

Most parents would say that they want to leave their children better off than they were. They wouldn’t want their children to make the same mistakes that they did - in life, in love, in education, in business. And they would want their children to pick up where they left off...and get even more out of life.

Many people think of legacy as financial in nature. But, there are so many more components to legacy - it’s the values you teach your children, it’s the love you communicate to them, it’s the biases you consciously or unconsciously share with them, it’s the beliefs that drive you that they internalize, it’s the fears that shape you that also shape them and it’s the hopes and dreams that you pursue that influence their worldview.

And, I’d like to offer an even more expanded view of legacy.

Legacy is also the health you leave your children.

What you do today has the power to impact not only your’s children health, but also your children’s children’s health. Wow. Talk about a legacy.

Health is one of the best gifts that you can endow your children with...and it lasts a lifetime. Why not give your child the gift of incredible health starting today? Healthy people are happier, more productive, more social and more able to embrace life. Health is a gift that keeps on giving.

So, I’ll ask you once more: what type of legacy do you want to leave your children?