What You Don’t Eat Matters Too

We spend so much time focusing on what TO eat. Of course, the food that you put into your system each and every day is critically important to your health. However, it’s also important to point out that what you don’t eat can be just as important as what you do eat.

There is so much junk out there:

Trans fats.



Artificial colors and flavors.



And the list goes on…

Many of the major diet systems disagree on what to eat: some argue for higher fat, lower carb plans while others argue for lower fat, higher carb plans. Some support animal products, others don’t. Some incorporate grains and legumes, others don’t. Some advocate for 3 meals a day, others suggest 6. There is a massive amount of disagreement between diet camps...and I don’t anticipate that’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Despite this fact, there is some cohesion. Though many of the major diet plans disagree on what TO eat, they often agree on what NOT to eat: highly processed, packaged foods, fast food and low quality food. No one is advocating for the single source SPAM diet or Twinkie diet...at least no one who is also pursuing health as a goal.

Sometimes it’s not about following the best and brightest diet out there (in fact, that probably doesn’t even exist). Sometimes, it’s about doing just a little bit better. And, sometimes, that little bit better is avoiding as much of the junky stuff as you possibly can. Sometimes, that’s all you can do...and that’s going to have to be good enough.

So, instead of trying to knock it out of the park, maybe you can eliminate one processed food from your kitchen cabinet or take one less trip to your go-to fast food joint? What one upgrade are you going to make today to do just a bit better?