Self-Care For The Win

Recently, I heard a talk by Sachin Patel, DC, founder of the Living Proof Institute, where he stated, “There will never be enough doctors to take care of people who don’t know how to take care of themselves.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’ve written about this before, here and here and here. And, I’m sure that I’ll write about it again...because it bears repeating: self-care is the foundation of health. And, as a natural extension, self-care is the foundation of vibrant fertility. The way we care for ourselves each and every day sets the stage for a healthy conception, a healthy pregnancy, a healthy delivery and a healthy baby.

So, what does self-care look like when you are trying to conceive (TTC)?

  • Eat: Nourish your body with fresh, balanced meals, especially those rich in fruits & vegetables, healthy fats and proteins and lots of variety

  • Move: Incorporate joyful movement (notice I didn’t say long, intense exercise sessions) into your day; choose whatever type makes you giddy

  • Sleep: Sleep soundly, sleep deeply, sleep restoratively

  • Relax: Go get your massage on or your meditation on or your soul stroll on or whatever floats your boat; just breathe through it all

  • Play: Have some damn fun, whether that’s breaking out the board games, jumping on a trampoline or busting a move to your favorite 80’s song

  • Socialize: Reach out and touch someone; you know what I mean - connect with those you love and those who love you

These things are always super important, but especially important when you are trying to Build-A-Baby. Pregnancy is an energy-intensive process, so protecting and restoring your energy is essential.

We also suggest that you get your self-care routine down now, before you become a mom. Of course, it will change and shift as your priorities change and expand. But, self-care is a habit; and just like any habit, it needs to be nurtured to sustain. If it’s not firmly rooted before you get pregnant, it will likely be the first thing to go when your little one arrives.

If you have daughters, you will teach them how to do this for themselves when they grow up. If you have sons, you will teach them how to support their partners in getting what they need to feel vibrant and alive. Self-care is a gift to give yourself...and to those closest to you.