3 Months To Your Best “Baby Body”

Every spring, there are tons and tons of articles that go something like this:

  • 6 weeks to your best bikini body

  • 35 foods to get you bikini ready

  • How to get a bikini worthy body

You get the point. Everybody wants a “bikini body”. Who doesn’t want to look all hot and sexy in a bikini?

Getting a bikini body involves intention and preparation and focus and dedication. You might have to change some habits (e.g., what you eat, how you move, how much you sleep). You might have to change some mindsets (e.g., what you believe about your ability to get shredded, whether you can let go of your old view of your out-of-shape self from high school). You might even have to change some relationships (e.g., if they aren’t supporting you in meeting your goals, if they keep bringing home fast-food for dinner).

Here at Xandara, we’d like to introduce you to another concept: “baby body”. A baby body is the best possible shape that your body can be in to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy to term. And I’m not just talking about physical shape either (though that does play a role). This means getting your body, mind and environment in tip-top shape for baby-making.

All of the things that are true of a bikini body are also true of a baby body. It involves intention and preparation and focus and dedication. It may involve changing habits or mindsets or relationships.

Why 3 months? Because it takes about three months for new sperm to fully develop and for eggs to complete the last stage of maturation...and this is when sperm & egg quality come into play. Of course, if you have underlying health problems or haven't been living a particularly clean lifestyle, it may take longer than this to upgrade sperm or egg health, but 3 months is the minimum time you need to get "baby body" ready.

So, let me ask you this: who doesn’t want the best damn “baby body” they can create?