Health Is An Enabler

Here at Xandara, we are pretty hyped up about the world of health and wellness. We study it, we teach it. We live it, we breathe it. We have made it our mission to share what we know with all of you.

But why?

Of all of the possible things that we could spend time on, why focus on health?

Because we believe that health is an enabler.

When you are struggling with your health, you are inward-focused. Your attention is diverted from the external world to the internal world. Your primary goal is to heal yourself, to stop the pain, to feel better. Your own problems supersede those of the world around you.

When you are healthy, on the other hand, you are outward-focused. Your view of the world expands. Your focus shifts from helping yourself to both helping yourself and helping others. You share your unique gifts and talents with the world.

It comes down to a very simple premise: When you are unhealthy, you can most likely only take care of yourself. When you are healthy, you can take care of yourself and those around you.

When people feel good, they tend to do good. Because of this, we believe that healthy people make for a better world all around.