For You, From You: The Art of Self-Care

Here at Xandara, we are big proponents of self-care. We believe that you are your own best cheerleader, advocate and healer. We also believe that you are your own best investment.

As women, we are natural caregivers. In some cases, we are obligated to take care of others (e.g., children). In other cases, we are expected to take care of others (e.g., aging parents). And, in other cases still, we are compelled to take care of others (e.g., those less fortunate than us). We live our lives in service of others.

For the most part, we like it this way...until we don’t. Until we are tired of cleaning up after everyone else. Until we are tired of being the one to rescue everyone else. Until we are tired of being underappreciated. Taking care of others can be an exhausting job.

When we reach this point of exhaustion, we want help. We want others to pitch in. We want others to say thank you once in awhile. We want others to take care of us for a change.

I hate to break it to you, though. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to take care of you. You are your own responsibility. You are your ship’s captain. You are the Big Cheese, the Numero Uno, the Head Honcho when it comes to your life. You are in charge of your own health, happiness and destiny.

Sure, we may ask for help from our mothers or sisters or husbands or friends. We may lean on others in our times of need. And, we should absolutely get in the habit of asking for the support that we need when we need it. But, at the end of the day, “if it is to be, it is up to me”.

It used to be the case that taking care of yourself was considered to be the big, bad “S” word….SELFISH. For so long, being a woman and being selfless have been deeply intertwined; womanhood and selflessness were essentially synonymous. Thankfully, our views on this topic have evolved and we now realize that taking care of oneself is a prerequisite for taking care of others.

And so, self-care must be a continuous and fundamental part of your life if you want to take care of others. Investing in yourself gives you the reserves to invest in others. Investing in yourself helps you to elevate your game so that you can elevate the game of others. Investing in yourself allows you to be your best self so that you can help others do the same.

Self-care is for you, from you. It benefits you....and every person who has the honor of being in your life. You are better for it, and they are better for knowing you.

What self-care practice are you going to invest in this week?