Health Is The Ultimate Freedom

Many people view “getting healthy” as a burden, a nuisance, a bunch of items on their “to do” list.

You have to eat well and sleep well and move well. Oh my.

So many rules, so much effort, so little time. It seems like such a drag.

However, I am going to suggest that this is the exact frame of reference that keeps people stuck, repeating habits that don’t serve them well.

In and of itself, health is too abstract of a concept for most people to care about. What does “being healthy” even mean? For most, it means staving off disease; in other words, it’s about avoiding future downside. But what about today? Right now?

It’s only when health translates into everyday experiences that it becomes relevant for most people; it’s when their energy level or mood or digestion is affected that health becomes tangible and relevant.

And so, instead of believing that healthy behaviors represent restriction, I’d like to suggest that healthy behaviors represent freedom. Freedom from lethargy and mood swings and digestive distress. Freedom to look and feel your best all day everyday.

When done correctly, healthy behaviors give you way more freedom than they take away.

On eating: Instead of thinking about all of things you can’t eat, think about how much energy you will have to do what you love when you eat foods that nourish your body.

On exercise: Instead of thinking about how uncomfortable exercise is, think about how empowering it is to be able to move your body however you want, whenever you want.

On sleep: Instead of thinking about all of the things you’ll miss by going to bed early, think about all of the things you’ll be more present for by being well-rested.

These are just a few, simple examples, but you get the point: health is the ultimate freedom.

Health offers you the freedom to live your life uninterrupted. So, what are you waiting for?