Do This!

In education circles, parents are encouraged to tell children to “Do this” instead of saying “Don’t do that”. Just as we want to give positive alternatives for children, we should apply that same concept to adults. We want to promote positive behaviors by using language in a positive and goal-directed way.

So much of the health literature out there focuses on what not to do (e.g., don’t smoke, eat fast food, sit at your desk all day long). By now, I think most of us know the behaviors that are not healthy for us. But, do we know what to do instead? Or, more importantly, do we know how to incorporate these positive alternatives into our day?

At Xandara, we promise to focus on helping you “Do this” instead of overemphasizing that you “Don’t do that.” (Occasionally, we will bring you the psychology or the science to highlight why we think a problem exists, but we will focus our attention on what you should do about it.)

Our energy flows where our attention goes. So, if you are constantly focusing on what not to do, you are inadvertently reinforcing that neural pathway and increasing the likelihood that you keep repeating that unwanted pattern.

So, what is one thing that you want to focus on today in the spirit of "doing" something positive for your health?