Pillars of Wellth

Here at Xandara, we believe in the concept of “wellth”. Wellth is where health (the medical side) meets wellness (the lifestyle side). Oftentimes, we speak about health and wellness as if they are interchangeable, but we view them as distinct yet interdependent. We find that health is a prerequisite for wellness (kind of like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Health is a physiologic need whereas wellness is an element of self-actualization, becoming the best version of yourself.

Who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves?

To help you get there, we have identified 3 pillars to optimal wellth:

1. Body: This pillar includes everything related to your physical body - how you eat, how you move, how you sleep, how you eliminate and so forth. It covers anything that goes into the body (water, food, supplements, etc.) and on the body (personal care products). The body is your foundation, your canvas and your barometer. Wear it well.

2. Mind: This pillar is all about your mindset - your thoughts, your beliefs, your programming. Mindset is a tricky thing - we think we know what we think (I know - even that’s a mind bender)...but up to 98% of our “thoughts” are subconscious. Because of this, our subconscious is incredibly powerful in influencing our behavior; our deeply ingrained biases and preconceptions put us on “automatic” mode, shaping the thoughts we perceive and the decisions we make. In order to get control of your wellth, you have to get control of your (subconscious) mind first.

3. Environment: This pillar involves both your physical environment (both at work and at home) as well as your social environment (i.e., relationships, networks). Our physical environment has the power to lift us up or the power to drag us down (e.g., through clutter, toxins, stagnant energy); the same is true of the people we surround ourselves with. Choose wisely.

More often than not, our external environment (#1 and #3) is a manifestation of our internal environment (#2), so these pillars are deeply interconnected. You can’t have one without the other.

So much health information out there is about what NOT to do. Our goal at Xandara is to focus on what TO do. We aim to give you not just the theory (though we will give you a bit of that when we think that the "why" or the "science" matters for effective implementation), but also the practical tips and tools to help you improve your wellth each and every day.