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Introducing REVIVE for reproductive anti-aging.*

You can't change your chronological age, but you can influence your biological age. Our unique formulation:

  • Boosts mitochondrial function and supports cellular energy production
  • Helps maintain cellular health, in particular egg cell health
  • Minimizes the damage caused by free radicals from the stressors of daily living

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Formulated by experts to support your cellular health and fertility



No artificial preservatives & fillers


Gluten and major allergen-free

Did you know that egg cells are the most mitochondrially dense cells in the body? Boosting your mitochondrial health boosts your cellular health (and in turn, your egg health)*

What's inside and why

Spoiler alert: cellular health can be improved, regardless of your age

You can't control your age, but you can control your health by giving your cells the nutrition and support they need to work efficiently. REVIVE by Xandara is a first-of-its kind formula that helps support cellular egg health through a variety of synergistic, mitochondria-supportive nutrients.*

Start your reproductive anti-aging regimen today*.