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How we're different [2.0]


Everyone else is trying to help you get pregnant. 

We are focused on helping you to have a healthy baby. 

Most fertility tests are focused on measuring an incomplete set of indicators. 

And, they leave you having to interpret the results and determine next steps on your own. 

We do things differently around here: 

Fertility Testing

Pre-pregnancy Testing


Focused on getting pregnant

Focused on having a healthy baby


Focused on women

Focused on couples


(focused on “infertility” or fertility treatments)

(focused on holistic, preventive solutions)

Testing Panels

Focused on hormones

Focused on overall health

Clinical Focus

Egg quantity

(Think of this as the “calorie counting” model of fertility...incomplete and outdated, in our clinical opinions)

Egg and sperm quality

(Think of this as the “food quality” model of fertility; we focus on quality over quantity)


Support ends once you receive your results

Support begins once you receive your results

We set out on a mission to help couples get pregnant AND have healthy babies. And that means, providing an all-in-one, comprehensive solution.

Healthier parents give birth to healthier babies. 

Fertility is one indicator of health, but fertility is also an extension of your overall health. 

At Woven, we measure your health, not just your hormones.