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Get Peace of Mind with Xandara

The Overachiever

The Optimizer plus a guiding hand to walk you through the journey:

  • Digital Membership - Couples
  • Curated Product Bundles
  • Live Fertility Coaching


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The Optimizer

The Planner plus fertility-friendly products to optimize your body, mind, and environment:

  • Digital Membership - Couples
  • Curated Product Bundles


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The Planner

The core essentials for couples preparing to conceive:

  • Digital Membership - Couples


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Why Xandara?


Protocols that you can trust, designed by a clinician specifically to support optimal egg & sperm health


We believe that fertility shouldn't be a "black box". We offer support from trained practitioners across all our platforms.


We did the legwork so you don't have to. Our proprietary, step-by-step process guides you through the different phases to optimally prepare your body for conception... without complexity and guesswork.

Here’s how Xandara compares to other options

  Do-it-yourself Fertility clinics
Accessible anytime
Customized fertility lifestyle plans
Chat with fertility experts
Curated fertility bundles
Evidence-based fertility content
Fertility-friendly product recommendations
Investment $$ $ $$$$$

Prepare to Conceive with Xandara

The Overachiever Bundle

Everything you need to set the stage for a fruitful conception experience. Couples will be guided through the process whether they are trying naturally or through assisted reproductive services.

✔ Daily action plans created by fertility experts

✔ Curated fertility-friendly products delivered discretely to your door each month

✔ Live fertility coaching with your dedicated Xandara Fertility Coach


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