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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Pre-Conceived Program for?

    The PRE-CONCEIVED program is designed for women planning to conceive within the next year.

    It is specially formulated only for those over 18 years old and is not suitable for those who are already pregnant or nursing.

    If you are currently on any medications or are managing a health condition, please consult with your doctor before starting the PRE-CONCEIVED program.

  • When should I start this program?

    We recommend that you start this program at least 3 months prior to attempting to conceive.

    The last stage of the egg maturation process is ~90 days, so it takes approximately this amount of time to begin to experience improvements in egg quality.

    Also, we recommend that you do not try to conceive during the first 3 months of preparation. Month 1 of the kit is focused on detoxification and you want to give your body enough time to expel toxins prior to conceiving.

  • How can I be sure what you're suggesting is safe for me and my baby?

    PRE-CONCEIVED is not a fad diet or the latest trend in women’s health that will be swapped for something else in a few months' time. Nor does it promote some brand new medication or technology that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and carries a risk of side effects or potential unknown consequences.

    In fact – it’s the opposite!  

    PRE-CONCEIVED is designed to put your body more closely in touch with your ‘roots’ - the way the human body naturally evolved over millions of years to conceive, carry a pregnancy and give birth to a vibrant child.

    In many ways, we’re going back to basics. Against this backdrop, we also leverage the latest scientific breakthroughs in epigenetics and egg health to bring you the most integrative and comprehensive approach on pregnancy preparation.

    The PRE-CONCEIVED method is based on time-tested and scientifically-verified principles. We like to focus on interventions with tons of upside and minimal downside. Everything we suggest is non-invasive and is designed to make you – and your baby-to-be – as healthy as possible.  

  • Doesn't my body naturally detoxify itself?

    Yes, detoxification is a natural process within the body and it happens all day, everyday.

    Detoxification is your body’s way of eliminating unwanted substances or toxins from the body. Your detoxification organs include your liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin and they work together to excrete these unwanted substances through your skin, your breath and your bowel.

    However, sometimes we can use additional strategies to support our body’s natural detoxification processes. If you were living in a cave with a pristine water source nearby and getting 9 hours of sleep per night and meditating daily, then maybe you wouldn’t need additional detox support. But, I’m going to guess that’s not the case for most of us.

    Given our modern environment, we are exposed to more chemicals than our body can process. As a result, most of us need to take extra steps to up-regulate the function of our detox organs to adequately handle the increased toxin load we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

    Ideally, we would simultaneously decrease our toxic burden (e.g., in foods, in personal care products, in our environment) while adding both the nutrients and the practices that can boost our detoxification and elimination ability. The purpose of a focused detoxification program is to support the organs of elimination so that toxins present in the body can be metabolized and excreted more easily.
    Detoxing your body of toxic compounds can be an important component of pre-conception care.

    It is important to detox before pregnancy because a toxic body will have a harder time reproducing. In its infinite wisdom, your body will shut down reproduction any time it perceives the environment into which it will bring a child to be either unsafe or unstable. A toxic body indicates a toxic environment and your body shuts down reproductive function to protect both you and your future baby.

    We also know that a study by the Environmental Working Group identified over 200 industrial compounds and pollutants in a sample of newborn babies’ umbilical cord blood. This means that some percentage of a mother’s toxic body burden is being transferred to her baby. Because of this, detoxing prior to pregnancy can help minimize the transfer of toxic compounds from mama to baby.

    So, why can’t you detox during pregnancy? Because during the detox process, many compounds actually become more potent and harmful prior to being excreted from the you want to take it slowly. And, it takes quite some time for your blood levels to normalize again after slowly releasing these toxins from your body; you wouldn’t want your baby to be exposed to such powerful, detrimental substances for any period of time. It’s just too risky.

    Because of that, we recommend detoxing several months prior to trying to conceive.

  • Why should I listen to you over my doctor?

    Bottom line: you shouldn’t.

    This is meant to be additive to what you are already doing with your doctor.

    Your doctor has a unique and personalized perspective on your situation and your health. This is something that we can’t and won’t be able to give you. You should continue to follow your doctor’s recommendations. 

    That said, many doctors have not been trained in the approach to health that addresses root causes and focuses on preventative measures.  So, even though almost all professional organizations including the CDC and ACOG, among others, recommend taking steps in the months to years leading up to pregnancy to prepare, most doctors do not have the tools in their toolkit (or quite frankly, the time) to walk you through the steps that need to be taken.  

    PRE-CONCEIVED is meant to serve as an addition to your current medical care- a booster to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your results.  All of the recommendations in the kit support your overall health and that of your future baby through measures that are thoroughly researched, vetted, and safe.

    Of course, we always recommend consulting with your doctor before making any changes to your health plan.  

  • Why can't I just get a few books and learn this myself?

    You can certainly try. And, we would encourage you to always do your own research. However, high-quality, scientifically-validated resources on pregnancy preparation are few and far between, and many of them are conflicting.

    We have done the legwork so you don’t have to - sifting through hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies and publications. We have created a single, unified framework that takes you step-by-step from A to Z.  So, while our kit is comprehensive, it's also streamlined. We have aimed for the highest and best use of your time - we've included everything that you need to know and nothing that you don't. 

    We are pretty big sticklers for efficiency & effectiveness...and we guess you are too! Our approach is about distilling messages into the simplest, most actionable format possible. Chances are that you would have to cobble together a lot of books, online resources and professional opinions to derive a similar level of depth that we have created in this kit. That sounds expensive and tedious...and making a baby should be anything but that!

  • I'm already pretty busy. How much time will this take?

    We have designed this program with busy people in mind.
    That’s exactly why we ship the kit to you each month.
    That’s exactly why we only have you focus on one theme at a time.
    That’s exactly why we provide support - so you can get your questions answered as they come up.

    The kit is designed to save you time and energy, both in the short-term and in the long-term.

  • Wait. Isn't age the only factor that affects egg health (and therefore, fertility)?

    Age is only ONE factor of many that can affect your fertility.

    There is a difference between chronological age, meaning your age in years, and biological age, meaning the vitality of your cells. Not all 35 year olds are created equal. It’s the "life in the years" not "the years in the life".
    Were your 20’s marked by clubs, heavy drinking, late night pizza and lots of pick-me-ups to compensate? Or were they of the Kum ba yah / meditation circle variety? No judgment here. You just have to know what you’re working with.

    The bottom line is this: the older you are, the more your health matters.

    Youth forgives a lot of ills. But, regardless of age, there are specific steps that you can improve your egg health and uterine environment...and therefore, your fertility.

    For example, we know that smoking negatively affects egg quality. How? By increasing oxidative stress in the body. So, it logically follows that other things that cause similar oxidative stress in the body also negatively impact egg quality (e.g., a diet with excessive trans fats and sugar or lack of sleep).

    While you can’t control your age (at least not yet!), you can control many other factors that affect egg quality - like diet and lifestyle. Women are not given this message enough and we hope it empowers you!

  • Is pre-conception planning really necessary?

    Because pregnancy seems like such a natural thing, a thing that we are “designed” to do, many people just assume it will happen. Unfortunately, modern day pregnancy isn’t something that you can trip and fall into.

    If you want to have as seamless and positive of an experience as possible, then it requires advanced planning - just like a wedding, just like a job interview, just like pretty much any other important undertaking in your life.

    This isn’t to scare you - it’s just kind of the way it is given our modern lifestyle and our environment. 
    Our environment has changed more in the last ~50-100 years than it has in the last thousands of years and this has necessitated that we change our approach to our health.

    Our diets have changed. Our work schedules have changed. Our commutes have changed. Our family structures have changed. Our support networks have changed. And it’s taken a toll on our health in far-reaching and profound ways.

    We have to undo the “fertility blockers” in our environment in order to set ourselves up for baby-making bliss.

    In fact, you may think that the concept of “preparing for pregnancy” is new, but it’s not. In fact, our ancestors have consumed “pre-conception” diets for ages. For example, the Maasai tribes only allowed couples to marry after several months of consuming milk from cows during the wet season because it was most nutrient dense. Our ancestors knew that it was wise to prepare for pregnancy in advance. They knew that it takes time for nutrient stores to build up in your body. They knew that nutrition mattered for both mom and dad-to-be. And we would be wise to heed that same wisdom.

  • Am I able to request a refund?


    We think you will love it, but if you don't, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all PRE-CONCEIVED program purchases.

    Order the program and if it doesn’t meet your needs, request a refund within 14 days.

Why Prepare?

Contrary to popular belief, getting pregnant isn't as straight forward as it used to be. For many women, they've been on some type of birth control which can hide symptoms of problems that may be an indicator of infertility. And worse, it could be depriving their bodies of nutrients. As we get older, our lives only get busier and add onto the stress of everyone - affecting egg and sperm health in women and men. This is why it's important to prepare BEFORE trying to conceive.

Replenish & heal

Increase chances of conception

Create the foundation for a healthy pregnancy