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The first PRE prenatal

The nutritional supplement designed specifically for ambitious women planning to conceive in the future

Everything you need to support your fertility BEFORE you're ready:

  • Supports egg quality, the most important determinant of your ability to conceive
  • Contains a proprietary formula of targeted & synergistic fertility-supportive nutrients
  • Designed by a fertility expert & health practitioner for maximum upside and minimal downside

An extra insurance policy to support your future fertility



No artificial preservatives & fillers


Gluten and major allergen-free

Not ready to conceive just yet...but want to be ready when you are? You've come to the right place!

What's inside and why

Spoiler alert: egg quality can be improved, regardless of your age

Traditionally speaking, egg health is comprised of both egg quantity and egg quality. Despite a lot of focus on egg quantity declining as we age, the punchline is that egg quality is MUCH more important than egg quantity when it comes to conception.

You can't control your age but you can control your health - and therefore, your egg quality (and by extension, your fertility). REVIVE by Xandara is a first-of-its kind formula that helps support optimal egg quality through a variety of synergistic, fertility-friendly nutrients.*

Join the waitlist and get a head start on supporting your fertility, without unnecessary medications or invasive procedures