Xandara offers nutritional & lifestyle support products to help couples
proactively prepare their bodies to conceive. 


Through dietary guidelines, targeted supplementation and fertility-specific lifestyle recommendations, we help you optimize your body, mind and environment for a healthy conception, pregnancy and beyond. 

Our proprietary method blends cutting edge science with ancestral wisdom to help you get pregnant on your terms and on your timeline

We believe that the “egg cliff” is overstated and that you have so much more control over your fertility than you have been led to believe by popular media.


There is a difference between chronological age (your actual age in years) and biological age (the age of your cells). It’s like the difference between the “life in your years” and the “years in your life”. 


Because of this, the quality of your life affects the quality of your eggs. To upgrade the quality of your eggs (and sperm), you can start by upgrading the quality of your life. Ultimately, a healthy baby begins with a healthy body. 

We believe that a woman should be as empowered and deliberate about her family planning as she is with every other aspect of her life. 

We have systems, guidelines and infrastructure to prepare for every other important milestone - wedding, career, home purchase - but there has been nothing to help couples prepare for pregnancy in an organized, systematic and comprehensive way. Xandara is here to change that with our suite of products to support “conscious conception”.

We believe that conception is a couple’s journey.

Co-parenting begins with taking mutual interest in and responsibility for conception. The top habits of highly fertile couples include planning for and participating in the conception journey together. And besides, it’s way more fun that way!

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"Xandara ​wa​s able to distill down a wealth of information in a way that ​wa​s easily digestible and actionable for me​.


There was so much I didn't know and I now feel confident that I can make the right choices for myself and my family. The expertise and guidance I got from Xandara was enormous.


To get this level of knowledge elsewhere I'd have to spend a lot more time and money going to separate nutritionists and healthcare providers.


Going through the Xandara program feels like you are having tea with a very knowledgeable girlfriend." 

—  Kara, Seattle