200 Hacks To Conceiving An Exceptional Baby:

A Comprehensive Product Guide



Get access to our "insider's guide" for optimizing your body and home for conceiving a healthy and bright child.


You may have been told that there’s not much that you can do to improve your fertility or chances of having an exceptional baby with a leg up in life…but that’s just not true. It all comes down to gene expression (i.e. which genes get switched on and which get switched off). And since the groundwork for this begins way before your baby is even conceived, it is important to get your mind, body, and environment in check far in advance of getting pregnant.


Make sure that the right genes get turned on, optimized for IQ, immune system development, and resilience from disease. This doesn't have to be a matter of luck; by utilizing the right strategies and products when planning for a baby, one can have a whole lot of power to set the right stage for an exceptional child!


We've done the legwork so you don't have to. We've curated a comprehensive list of our top picks in every category to upgrade the products you use in daily life. From skincare to cookware to mattresses and everything in between, we've got you covered with alternatives that are vetted, natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic to support positive gene expression in you and your future baby. 

A complete list of categories covered include:
*Personal care products (e.g., skincare, hair care, make-up, sun care, oral care, deodorant)
*Intimate care products (e.g., menstrual care, condoms, lubricants)
*Home care products (e.g., natural cleaning products, natural cleaning supplies, essential oils, food storage, cookware, EMF protection, bedding, mattresses, home goods, furniture)
*Home detoxification (e.g., air filtration, water filtration)
*Tech-enabled tools (e.g., ovulation predictor kits, digital fertility monitors / wearables)
*Sleep support (e.g., white noise machines, sleep masks, light therapy, acupressure mats)
*Apps (e.g., for fertility / period tracking, fitness, ambient noise, therapy / counseling, meditation / mindfulness, healthy product search, blue light)
*Online food sourcing (e.g., fish, meat, bone broth, healthier packaged goods, herbs and spices)
*Testing (e.g., hormones, genetics, sperm)

Get the tools ready to conceive your healthy and bright baby!